Updated: May 27

It's quite ironic really.

I make candles, a form of light and I am also a light worker.

What is a light worker? well, to explain it simply it's a type of energy healing, like Reiki.

Everything has a vibration, it's science, it just has. An invisible vibration radiates from all things, in living things this vibrational frequency alters depending on the mood of the person. This 'energy' can change and alter also depending on the environment, if you are around a strong negative energy it can tune your energy to it's own frequency, but, we all have the power to 'raise our vibration'.

As a trained level 3 light worker I can 'tune in' to the healing energy of the universe to help channel this frequency of pure love and light to anyone one who needs it. This helps the recipient to feel calm, to heal themselves of blocked energy flow (which leads to illnesses) and help them feel well.

You can find out more on my @earthsfolk instagram account or contact me if you would like to book a scheduled distance healing.

Of course I also like to infuse some high vibrations into my Earthsfolk candles too xx

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