sustainable candles

hand poured in Amstelveen Netherlands


the story of earthsfolk

simply folk of the earth

With all the complexities of modern living we felt a strong calling to go back to basics, looking to nature and the seasons, creating, alchemy, exploring the sensual world of fragrance, making an artisan product not only with our hands, but also from our hearts.

Earthsfolk the name came easily, because we are all nothing more than simply folk of the earth.

All different yet all the same. 

We all have a story with connected memories. Scents hold powerful energy that can evoke a memory and transport us back to a moment in time. We want to add to your story through our blended fragrances all inspired by nature, whether that's from a walk in a Mediterranean wood, or visiting a flower market on your travels to picking sun ripened figs and blackberries in the garden as the sun sets and the blackbirds sing. What scent memory will you want to be associated with your home? 

Do you have a business and would like to develop a bespoke scent? Talk to us, we are happy to label

with your branding.


we're special

because we care

At Earthsfolk, we want to give our customers the most sustainable candle we possibly can, that's why we use pure coconut and rapeseed wax, pure eco cotton wicks, no chemicals, parabens, paraffin, plastic or soy.

We use high quality fragrance oils at 10% volume to wax for a really good scent throw.

Each candle is hand poured in small batches in our own studio, they are vegan and cruelty free.

We make our local deliveries by bicycle.


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